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leave comments about the project on the map or the comment box below

Identify an Issue Along the Corridor

The interactive Google map below allows you to identify issues in the project area. By placing a pin on the map along with your comments, we will be able to see the location and read about the issues you are concerned about. Then, as we work through the design of the corridor, we will know what areas need special attention. Follow the instructions below to submit your map comment. 

How to add your ideas:

Click on the "open the map" link in the lower left corner of the map to open the application

Click the blue Sign In button in the upper right corner of the map. To sign into your Google account. If you do not have an account you can create one by clicking on the "more options" link

Click the Issue Areas layer

Use the hand to drag the map to the area you want to comment on

Click the Add Marker icon to drop a pin in your preferred location

Be sure to give your pin a title and a comment describing the issue you face at that location

You can also upload a photo to your pin of the issue, if you have one

Remember: Google Maps is an open source application which allows us all to add and view any ideas on the map. Please be respectful and do not edit or change any other existing pins.








Submit a Comment to the Project Team

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